Madrid 2021 - Founded during their studies and with sharing a passion for connecting people, Slahde and Rigo realized the potential for a more sustainable and innovative method of sharing professional contact information, and so Quoin Cards was born. With the ever-growing demand for contactless exchange, the idea of having only one business card aligned perfectly with Quoin Card's mission of eliminating paper waste. Slahde and Rigo followed their passion for connecting people, innovation, and creating an environmentally friendly solution to create what we know today as the Quoin Card. 

Slahde Seale - "Born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1992 I spent most of my youth there. At the age of 19, I decided to pursue my career as a professional cyclist and moved to Europe. Since then I have had the opportunity of studying for my degree in International Finance abroad which led me to found Quoin Cards. With my passion for sustainability, believing in creating a better future for all, and in connecting people with the same beliefs the idea of Quoin Cards was born.”

Rigoberto Cruz - "Spending most of my life in Managua, Nicaragua made me realize I grew up surrounded by natural beauty and challenges. At a young age, I found my source of entertainment and escapism in playing video games, which quickly turned into my hobby. As a gamer, I got into competitive gaming; from online tournaments to co-leading a global clan. Trying to improve my work-life balance, I transitioned into creating gaming-related content and online streaming. As a believer in change and through my experience as a content creator, I aim to facilitate people’s lives through innovative projects."

The Team